Choking Back Tears

By Tony Coppola

The day’s sun has gone down behind the mountains

A thunderous boom of compassion consumes my soul

Skies darken

Like fiery bolts of lightning, I see broken hearts flash before my eyes

The forgotten; the unseen; the abandoned

Like waves of mercy, my cries crash down in desperation

Choking back tears, I close my eyes and surrender to love filled whispers

Salty streams touch my lips

Stillness, silence, and fire

Darkness and waiting

And then a humble breath of hope enters like dawn’s breeze hovering over waters

A new day is coming

Undeserved grace shines its piercing rays of light onto my face

And by the smallest seeds of faith, mountains are moving

The taste of salt and choking back tears


2 thoughts on “Choking Back Tears

  1. A poet’s heart is beating in your breast my friend! Oh for more of these ‘at oneness with Him’ moments of surrendering our hearts to encompass His heart for the hurting and then wait for the promise. Hope cometh in the morning!


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